col2Company History

The natural deposit of red iron oxide in Redding Pit Lane near Winford had been worked for many centuries for use as a dye or the making of paint and reference to it can even be found in the Domesday Book. It was not until 1876 however, that a company was formed and the mining of the red oxide was put on a commercial basis. The Winford Iron Ore and Redding Company as it was called, transported the raw material from the mine to the Littleton Mills sites to be ground and bagged for sale to customers all over the world. During the first half of the twentieth century the company prospered and at one time employed well over a hundred people. Towards the end of the nineteen fifties natural oxides came up against severe competition from synthetic colours and bye products of the aluminium industry and the business suffered to the point that the shareholders decided to put the company up for sale. The existing management decided to purchase the company, in what would today be referred to as a management buy out, and although the new company continued to produce red oxide for a number of years, it was eventually decided to sell the quarry and look for new uses for the two Littleton Mills premises.

Upper Littleton Mills.

The existing buildings were let out to a variety of small businesses forming the basis of Winford Business Park as it is known today.
Over the years many of the original buildings have been upgraded or rebuilt, including the development of high specification offices with air-conditioning, telephone and broadband connectivity.
Existing Tenants cover a wide range of businesses from Accountants and IT specialists to a Wine Merchant and a national building company.
All units have their own designated parking bays with ample additional parking onsite.
Situated three miles from Bristol airport and within easy reach of Bristol Winford Business Park offers all the advantages of an easily accessible place of work without the stress of commuter traffic and the problems of inner city parking.

Lower Littleton Mills.

In 1967 planning permission was obtained to establish a garage business at the site carrying out general repairs for all makes of vehicles.
In due course fuel and car sales were added, followed by the establishing of the Ford Franchise in 1977.

Today, known as Winford Ford, the business is one of the largest Ford Retail Dealers in the South West, and has expanded its operation with the addition of a SPAR store to complement the forecourt side of the business.